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English_A-chi Today 게시판의 작성자 최인락씨가 2023.12.03에 등록한 Korea Maritime and Ocean University’s Participation in AMFUF 2023의 상세페이지입니다.
Korea Maritime and Ocean University’s Participation in AMFUF 2023
Writer PR Team Date 2023.12.03

Korea Maritime and Ocean University’s Participation in AMFUF 2023


The Center for International Affairs (led by Prof. Dr. CHOI Jin-chul as the Dean) at Korea Maritime and Ocean University (KMOU) and the Asia Maritime and Fisheries University Forum (AMFUF/Prof. Dr. YEA Byeong-Deok as Secretary-General) attended the AMFUF 2023 event hosted by the Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific in the Philippines as the executive institution and secretariat.

AMFUF, which celebrates its 21st anniversary this year, is a forum consisting of 27 maritime and fisheries universities and institutions across 13 countries in the Asia-Pacific region. The organization was established in 2002 by KMOU to foster co-prosperity in the maritime and fisheries sectors in Asia. Currently, KMOU holds the position of the executive institution and serves as the permanent secretariat.

The 2023 edition saw participation from nine universities and institutions representing eight countries: KMOU, Batumi Navigation Teaching University (Georgia), Myanmar Mercantile Maritime College, Indonesia STIP, National Taiwan Ocean University, Chiang Mai University (Thailand), Vietnam Maritime University, Mokpo National Maritime University, and Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific (the Philippines).

A total of 20 presenters shared insights into “Sustaining Friendships and Leaderships for Excellence in Maritime Fisheries and Training,” the central theme of this year’s forum.

“Through the exchange of information on global trends in maritime and fisheries education and discussions on mutual development measures, such as promoting academic exchanges between universities and institutions and expanding joint research, AMFUF will serve as the foundation for the continuous development of the Asian maritime industry,” said Prof. Dr. CHOI Jin-chul, Dean of the Center for International Affairs at KMOU.